At the highest level, the game of Disc Golf is SIMPLE but not easy. The Stokely Disc Golf Method™ is suitable for players and enthusiasts of any skill, fitness or experience level. The Stokely Method process is a step-by-step teaching approach developed by Scott Stokely through decades of private lessons. His teachings are not about how to throw like a pro, instead the Method leaves you confidently knowing how to put your unique body into position for proper throwing mechanics, increased power and accuracy with less strain and injury risk. If you’ve tried to watch tutorial videos, mimic professionals or are struggling to do what seems to work for everyone else but can’t reach your goals, the Stokely Method will build your throws to push your game to Champion Grade.

Champion Grade Disc Golf Instruction


In Person, Large Group Setting, Two (2) Hour Session, Backhand, Forehand/Sidearm and Putting Mechanics, Discussion, and Form Demonstration


In Person Small Group Setting 6 Person Maximum Full Day (9 Hour with Lunch Provided) Seminar Backhand, Forehand/Sidearm, and Putting Mechanics Utility Shots and Mental Game Form Review and Refinement


Monthly Video Meetings Community Chat Six (6) Month Membership Backhand, Forehand/Sidearm, and Putting Mechanics Utility Shots, Disc selection Mental Game, Tournament Strategy, Course Management Form evaluations and In-depth Training


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Stokely Method™ Coaches

Coaches certified in the Scott Stokely Disc Golf Method™ have years of Disc Golf teaching experience. They are specially trained to pinpoint the steps you need to elevate your game. The Stokely Method™ is designed to focus on the proper mechanics, mindset and throwing skills that will make you a fully equipped Disc Golfer regardless of your current rating or experience level.

Scott Stokely

Former Guinness Book World Distance Record Holder - Backhand AND Sidearm and 17x World and National Champion in disc golf and distance. Teaching for more than 25 years

Philip Bartholomew

5th place in Distance 2021 PDGA World Championships, 16th at 2019 USDGC, 1st place 2019 Augusta Disc Golf Classic, 16 PDGA wins, 5 Kentwood Doubles Championships, Over one hundred 1000 rated rounds

Jonathan Nicholson

US Tour Ranked in Top 100, 2x Oklahoma Open Champion, 15 PDGA Wins, More than 40 1030+ Rated Rounds

Tyler Wozniak

Aced the famous hole 16 at emporia country club during 2022 World Championship, More than 40 1000+ Rated Rounds

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